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Deutsch-Polnische Akademische Gesellschaft, vormals Deutsch-Polnische Akademische Gesellschaft e.V. (DPAG e.V.); Niemiecko-Polskie Towarzystwo Akademickie T.z.
German-Polish Academical Society

The German-Polish Academic Society (DPAG) is a non-profit association founded in Kiel in 1996, whose purposes are science and education in the spirit of international understanding. The aim of DPAG is to contribute to the rapprochement of Germans and Poles in the academic field. All educational programs offered by DPAG are also open to the interested general public.

The association was dissolved in 2020. It was agreed that the contents would be transferred to Dr. Miriam Y. Arani’s site: > and will be placed at

The content still needs a little organizing. Readers may forgive us if the re-arrangement of the page content here may take a little while.