Über dieses Projekt

Propaganda und Widerstand

Über dieses Projekt

Diese Seiten sind der Forschung meiner Schwester Dr. Miriam Yegane Arani ( Miriam Arani / Miriam Y. Arani ) gewidmet.

We finally translated this presentation into English, and you can find it in our journal:

TIERAUTONOMIE, Jg. 7 (2020), Heft 2: https://simorgh.de/about/mya-race-as-visual-ideology/ or at the DNB: https://d-nb.info/1222998904/34

Erschienen im Januar 2021 ist ein Text von Miriam:

Photojournalism as a Means of Deception in Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939-1945


Visual Histories of Occupation: A Transcultural Dialogue (2021), Editor: Jeremy E. Taylor, Bloomsbury Academic > https://www.bloomsburycollections.com/book/visual-histories-of-occupation-a-transcultural-dialogue/

Palang, Latif and Miriam from left to right. Photo: Jan Brüning.

Press on!

Photo top with Palang, Latif and Miriam, photo below painting by Farangis.