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DPAG, Corrections in the commercial register

My letter to the Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg), subject: Entry in the Commercial Register concerning an association registered in Berlin Neukölln

Dear Sir or Madam

to my knowledge, the association registered with you > Berlin (Charlottenburg) VR 29532 – Deutsch-Polnische Akademische Gesellschaft e.V. no longer exists. The association was officially dissolved in 2020. My sister Dr. Miriam Y. Arani was the “carrying pillar” of the association and after her death the other members decided to discontinue the association’s activities. They made an agreement with me that I would take over the web content of the association and integrate it into my sister’s pages on the web (at [specifically in the subsection:]. Hence my research on the association.

Now, however, it appears via the site that Mr Jan Brüning continues to have himself listed as a member of the association’s board in your association register. Has the association in reality not been dissolved after all, or has Mr Brüning neglected to “deregister”, or can an individual board member keep himself registered even if the association has already been officially dissolved?

I would be very grateful for any feedback.

Yours sincerely

Gita Yegane Arani

Update (1): Korrekturen im Handelsregister >

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