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Can Nazi racism research ever be sprawling?

Can Nazi racism research ever be sprawling?

To the accusation of some that my sister’s research, especially her comprehensive work on the “Warthegau,” is “sprawling” / “ausufernd”.

It is not comprehensible to me to ever be able to call the attempt of an approach to the modes of functioning of völkisch German racism in National Socialism “rampant”. This form of racism and its inhuman implementations in National Socialism (especially in the occupied territories) has not been studied thoroughly enough by far.

If we had understood the psychology of völkisch approaches sufficiently, then there would not be so many ambiguities today about the way in which völkisch thinking maintains its obvious continuance.

Moreover, it must also be said at this point that all efforts to reconstruct the stories of the victims can never be sufficient. My sister Miriam has made her contribution in both respects.

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